Join Us For Career Night

Attend a Career Night and Learn How
Keller Williams Can Help You Launch a New Career!
Congratulations on your desire to pursue a career in Real Estate! As a company that has launched the career of some of the most successful agents in North America, I would enjoy discussing your future, and the opportunity Keller Williams offers you. Our training is the best in the industry, and you will be a part of a company that believes the company succeeds only when it’s agents succeed at the highest level!Keller Williams has a strong culture and a value system based in integrity and always doing whats right. Our mission is helping agents achieve “A Career Worth Having, A Business Worth Owning, and A Life Worth Living”! 

If you are a motivated person and a career with unlimited earning potential and freedom interests you – We need to talk! You can reach me at 515-978-3103, by signing up to attend a career night below, or via email!    
                                            -Brian Wentz,
                                             Team Leader – CEO 

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  How to Become a Realtor on Our Team!
 Step 1: Sign-up to attend a 60 Hour Pre-License class available in 3 settings: Online, on Weekdays, or on Weekends.Step 2: Apply for your Background Check. 

Step 3: Attend Listing Practices, Buying Practices & Professionalism in the classroom.

Step 4: Interview and Select a company to work for who will support you in having a Career Worth Having, a Business Worth Owning and a Life Worth Living!

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