Realtor Testimonials

Here’s what some of our Realtors love about Keller Williams:

The tools that eEdge provides are unbelievably cool! What used to take me hours takes a matter of minutes. I’ve never been a part of an organization that truly walks the talk like Keller Williams. The KW culture is alive everyday, not just a quote on the wall. With KW’s world class training I’m taking my business to levels I never imagined.
– Tiffan Yamen

I choose Keller Williams because it gave me the tools to run my business like a business and have a much better quality of life at the same time.
– Brian Wentz

I was drawn to the attention to ethics at KW.  Doing the right thing! Agents have a real voice in the operation of the office.  Love idea that profit is shared with the agents!   It’s exciting to help build KW in the Des Moines area. I also love KW’s national referral network of more than 900 market centers!
– Susan Sanders

KW is “agent-centric”.  Everything starts with the agent.  One of KW’s philosophies is that when the agent prospers, KW prospers.  Therefore the underlying question is not what the agent can do for the company, but rather what the company can do to help the agent prosper.
– Diane Williams

I’ve always worked for smaller, family owned real estate companies. What  a delight to find a large national franchise with the very best in tools and technology that focuses on the Realtors and how to best help them run their own business.
– Jeanne Glaser

I love the National referral network, the lead capture software, and the ears of the corporation who will actually listen to the agent’s needs. It’s the way it should be done!
– Dave Steinick

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