ALC Clinic Sets Vision For 2016 And Beyond

IMG_42272015 ALC members, as well as proposed 2016 ALC members and attended the Greater Heartland Region’s ALC Clinic in October 2015. During the day, Brenda Benson, a multiple Market Center Operating Partner and KWU Master Faculty member, spent time focused on helping agents improve their businesses, leadership skills and positively impact their Market Centers.

“One of the unique perspectives of Keller Williams is that the company works for the individual agent, instead of the agent working for the company. In our model, the Market Centers (offices) have turned all of the decision-making that directly impacts the office to the agents, through the Associate Leadership Council”, says Brian Wentz, Team Leader.IMG_4225

ALC members take a leadership role inside the Market Center to work with the Leadership Team in making smart decisions and to holding the company accountable for good fiscal decisions as well as the overall environment the agents work in.

Working as leaders in the Market Center, this special group of agents are focused on making decisions that are right for the agents, and the market center in the areas of culture, growth, productivity, and profitability. Over 350 top agents and their leadership teams attended the day long event.

During the day the Team Leaders, including Brian Wentz, shared their vision for helping agents improve their own profitability and productivity while leaving a lasting impression on the Market Center’s culture and growth.

ALC Clinic“At KW we believe our role as a company isn’t about spending time and money promoting our National brand, but rather to focus our time and attention on coaching, consulting and training our associates so they can reach the highest level of business success they desire. Today is about casting the vision for them to hit their goals in 2016, and talking about the specific steps to succeed as a team, in the year ahead”, says Brian Wentz.

Tony Sly, an agent at KW says “Understanding how our Associate Leadership Council operates, and masterminding with leaders like these will only expand my future business and mindset!”

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