Want You Focus On Expands: KW Agents Get BOLD Results!

xshot files 00341“What you focus on EXPANDS” is a BOLD law, and KW Greater Des Moines Agents experienced the power of BOLD in their businesses.

BOLD was last in Des Moines in January 2014, and in the 7 months since that BOLD launch, the agents who attended have seen incredible growth in their business!

BOLD is a 7 week coaching and productivity program that hones agents’ skills in the areas of scripts, lead generation, daily habits and most importantly mindset.

BOLD stands for “Business Objective: A Life By Design” and is facilitated by a certified MAPS Coach, who has been hand selected to become a BOLD Coach.

The 76 KW associates who took BOLD closed 297% more units, 325% more listings sold and 291% more buyer side closings than those KW associates who did not attend. xshot files 00342Additionally, KW Associates who attended BOLD earned far more than those who did not in the 7 months following BOLD, with an increase of over $55,300 in gross commission income!

“If you are a new agent who wants to build your business fast, or a seasoned agent looking to go to the next level, there is no better class then BOLD to help you develop the mindset, and habits, to grow and succeed as an agent” says Brian Wentz, Team Leader for KW Greater Des Moines.

BOLD First Step is a free day of training, open to any agent wanting to attend. First step is the first of the seven weeks of the BOLD course. To attend a free First Step, or the full BOLD program contact a KW agent, or Brian Wentz, Team Leader at 515-779-7677 and learn how attending will grow you, and your business!

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