Agents Teach the 24 Topics Of The MREA

2015-07-28 11.35.55Over 12 weeks KW Agents took the opportunity to teach each other the “24 Topics of the Millionaire Real Estate Agent”.

Held weekly during team meetings, KW agents prepared material to help new and experienced agents develop their mindset and habits and apply the systems and models that assists agents in launching their business, growing their business and ultimately building a sustainable and highly profitable operation.

“Keller Williams is a paint by numbers system that shows agents how to run highly successful businesses that can fund their truly perfect life. When agents understand there is a model,  and all you need to do is follow the model to be successful, Real Estate gets fun,” says Brian Wentz, Team Leader for Keller Williams.

Over the course of the session agents covered the lead generation model, the economic models, the budget models, and the organizations models. Agents also discussed the specific tactics to hire leverage through assistants, showing agents and the rest of the seven levels of business growth.

2015-07-28 11.36.24 2015-07-28 11.36.51 2015-07-28 11.35.34

“As the Team Leader, I am a business coach and I am here to  help our agents grow their business according to the model. I always love that our culture is one that encourages agents to work together to share their experiences, insights and been there, done that experiences,” says Wentz.

“Keller Williams Realty is the number one training company in the world, and our agents spend time most weeks in the classroom sharpening their skills to improve their businesses. If you want to be a Super Bowl winning team it takes practicing both on and off the field, to get there. Our training is equivalent to he weight room for an athlete,” he says.

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