2014 LORE: KW Agents Outperform The Market In 2014

As a result of the advanced training and the KW systems and models, associates at Keller Williams Greater Des Moines outpaced the market in 2014!

In 2014, the Des Moines Iowa Real Estate market was down 3.2% in total listings sold, and 1.3% in closed volume over the previous year. Despite the market being down, KW Greater Des Moines agents outperformed the market in nearly every category, including listings sold, new listings taken, contracts written, closed buyer sides and closed volume. Known as the LORE report, or the Language of Real Estate, this report measures how the overall market did compared to the same period last year and measures how KW agents did compared to the same time frame.

xshot files 00339In 2014, Keller Williams Greater Des Moines agents sold homes nearly 30 faster that the market average.

“Homeowners are looking for an agent who can get their home sold for the best price, in the best amount of time,” says Brian Wentz, Team Leader & CEO for KW-DSM. “Des Moines, Iowa area homeowners who used a KW agent saved an average of a full month of marketing time compared to the rest of the MLS,” he said.

The advanced training systems in the Keller Williams model teaches agents how to properly price a home, and how to proactively prospect for buyers and sellers, and not just “put a sign in the ground, put an ad in the paper and pray a home sells”.

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