Don’t Underestimate Keller Williams

xshot files 00343Keller Williams believes that real estate is a local service business based on the relationships of the individual agent in their local market. This mean Keller Williams understands the consumer does not do business with an agent because of the brand, but rather because of the individual agents brand, and the value they bring to each transaction.

As a result, Keller Williams does not spend any money on national advertising to promote the KW Brand, and instead invests all of its leaderships time, resources and money in training the individual agent to run and grow their business and thus become the local brand of choice to their customers.

KW represents the highest evolution of the Real Estate Company model, yet as a result of the “agent centric” focus over a “brand-centric” focus, some agents don’t immediately recognize how the KW model benefits the individual agent.

Simply put, the KW model puts the agent at the center of the company, and creates an environment of sharing and caring, where every agent has a vested interest in the success of every other agent.

Inman news recently wrote an insightful article explaining why you want to “Underestimate Keller Williams at your own risk” which you will want to read to learn more about the model.

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