New Associates Talk Business with the ALC

In a growing office that has nearly doubled in size in six months, there are new faces almost weekly! In December, the Associate Leadership Council held a speed greeting event, to ensure new associates to Keller Williams Greater Des Moines were able to connect and interact with top producers in the market center.

ThDSCN1636e event gave new associates time with each ALC member to get to know each other and for ALC members to share business insight with newer associates. Associates asked questions such as “What is the one thing you wish you’d have done differently in the beginning…” and “What is your best source of business?”

Cathy Stevermer, an ALC member said “It was terrific to meet the new associates! And I even heard other ALC members taking about areas of their business that made me want to ask them questions as well!”

The ALC is composed of associates in the top 20% of on sales volume, and serve as leaders in the Market Center, helping to guide decisions that impact profit, growth, culture and productivity.

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