Success Series… Is A Success!!

Fifteen associates from the Keller Williams Greater Des Moines Market Center took part in an 8 week training event, called the Success Series. The series began in July and ran into mid-September. One of nearly 100 Keller Williams University training modules, the Success Series includes weekly training centered around 8 specific topics agents need to focus on to grow and operate their business.

Les Sulgrove, one Keller Williams associate who took part in the training said “It was terrific! I will definitely take it again the next time it is offered.”

“All KW training starts by getting the agent into a productivity mindset. Then we help the agent learn and apply time-tested models and systems to grow their business,” said Brian Wentz, Team Leader for Keller Williams Greater Des Moines. “Having a model keeps an agent from having to reinvent the wheel. The focus on lead generation activities results in listings taken and contracts written,” he said.

Weekly topics in the Success Series include positioning, accountability, planning, revenue, results, accountability and productivity. “Agents in the training apply the lessons they learned in the classroom and then track their results throughout the week which creates accountability”, ” said Wentz.

Michelle Platts, who also participated in the training said “The series held me accountable, and it helped me to get focused. It has changed my business, and looking back, I am so glad other agents encouraged me to sign up!”

During the 8 week session, KW Success Series participants made a whopping 1,838 new contacts who were added to their database and generated 99 seller leads and 131 buyer leads. These activities resulted in 30 new homes listed and 28 new buyer agreements to work together. In the end, the students wrote 24 offers and experienced 23 closings during the 8 week session.

“Productivity and results is important to any associate. We train and consult associates so they know how to increase productivity to any level they want, ” said Wentz. “The principals they learn carry through to their business for years to come. It’s like trying to un-learn how to ride a bike. Once you know it, you know it!”

The next Success Series will be offered after KW associates finish another 8 week training module named BOLD, “Business Objective A Life By Design”.

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