A New Realtor finds her Perfect Home at Keller Williams Greater Des Moines

Michelle Platts got her license in 2011 and started with a local real estate company in Ankeny. Trying to learn the ropes of her new career, she found little help. Michelle shares, “I got a lot of advice of what ‘not’ to do, but no advice on what ‘to’ do. It seemed as if some Realtors were holding back from providing too much help, keeping success secrets to themselves.”

Michelle moved to another local real estate company in hopes of more assistance launching her career. She had more help by management, but was starting to think that real estate companies just do not exude the team environment she had hoped for as everywhere she turned, there was little help. Until she met Brian Wentz of Keller Williams Greater Des Moines.

The systems, models and tools of KW appealed to Michelle.  “I was worried how it might look moving to a third real estate company in 6 months. And, if I moved, would it be more of the same?” Michelle said. Even though Michelle didn’t have any listings, something struck her when Brian said that KW’s policy allows you to take your listings if you leave the company (not typical of any other agency in the area). She thought KW must have some confidence in it’s system if they are going to make such policies. Michelle continues, “I knew I had to see if this utopia was for real.”

After Michelle made the switch, she knew she had found HOME,  “I feel I can walk up to any Realtor and ask for help. I like that you don’t have to reinvent the wheel or start something from scratch because there is proven strategies for success and the other Realtors aren’t scared to help you. It’s a culture of ‘sharing’.”

Michelle recently finished the Success Series, an 8 week course provided at the Greater Des Moines Market Center (open to any area Realtor!). She attributes much of her recent success to the accountability and success steps she learned from the class. She enjoyed being with the other Realtors in class,  and shares “it became like ‘therapy’ or a ‘club’ and the ideas shared were priceless.”

Michelle has made her first sale at KW and now has 3 listings with plenty of buyers and sellers in the pipeline. Way to go Michelle!!

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