KWDSM Power Hour held!

KWDSM Power HourAssociates in the Keller Williams Greater Des Moines Market center took part in their first Power Hour today, Monday May 7th 2012.

Power Hour is an ongoing event inside the market center that helps agents focus on their most important “big rock” every day: Lead Generation.

The morning began with a discussion of whom to call, and the scripts and dialogues that associates might use. MAPS Coaching provided the inspirational message to get everyone excited about picking up the phone to get in touch with clients, their sphere and home sellers and buyers.

After an hour of calling, the team shared success stories. Dianne Williams, who joined Keller Williams after 20 years with another company, says she was thrilled with her results. “I made my calls, and got two appointments right off the bat!”

Power Hour is currently held Monday mornings in the training center, from 9:00-10:30. Please join us to experience what a solid hour of lead generation activities can do for your business in 2012!

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